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Water heaters are an important part of our daily lives, but frankly, most homeowners usually don’t pay as much attention to them as they should. That is, until something goes wrong and a water heater repair is not a cost effective solution. A replacement 

If you find yourself needing a water heater installation in Salem, then Roth Home is the company to call for the very best in installation services.Cropped photo of female adjusting temperature on bathroom electric boiler hanging on wall, using control knob. Water heater in modern apartment

Types of Water Heaters

At Roth, we offer you a selection of water heaters to meet your budget and your particular needs. Basically, there are three types of heaters on the market today, traditional, hybrid, and tankless water heaters.

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

This is the most common type of water heater, utilizing an insulated tank that stores hot water until it’s needed. They’re usually gas powered, but electric heaters are also available.

Hybrid Water Heaters

These heaters store hot water in an insulated tank, but they’re electric powered and more energy efficient than gas-powered units, providing significant savings on your utility bills. 

Tankless Water Heaters

These run on electricity and are the most energy efficient option on the market today. Rather than storing a supply of hot water, these electric water heaters provide hot water only on demand, saving you significant amounts on your utility bills. 

When installing a tankless unit, one of the most important things to consider is the gallons per minute (GPM) capability of the unit. Generally, tankless systems can produce between 2 to 5 gallons per minute of hot water. The higher GPM, the more plumbing devices needing hot water you can use at one time.

In contrast, with a tankless system that produces a lower number of GPMs, you’ll be limited to using only one or two plumbing devices at the same time. 

Finally, the higher the GPM of a tankless heater, the higher the price will be for the heater. 

Whether you decide on a traditional or hybrid heater or you’re looking for a “tankless water heater installer near me,” we’ve got you covered at Roth.

Why Choose Roth for Water Heater Installation in Salem, OR?

At Roth your safety and convenience are always our top concerns, and our installation professionals have the training and experience to provide the highest quality installation services in the business.

Our technicians will arrive at your location on time, they’ll maintain a tidy and safe workspace, and keep you informed of their progress every step of the way.

Schedule Your Water Heater Replacement in Salem

If you’re ready to replace your old water heater, rest assured, you can always count on the professionals at Roth Home. No one does water heater installation better than the professionals at Roth so give us a call at 503-266-1249 or schedule your appointment online. We’re always here to keep you comfortable, and we look forward to serving you!

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