Install A Reverse Osmosis System – Portland, OR & Central Oregon

While Portland and the cities of Central Oregon do an excellent job of filtering your home’s potable water, that doesn’t mean they filter out all of the potentially harmful contaminants. Installing a secondary water filtration system in your home will give you greater peace of mind in knowing your water is safe.

Roth Home offer quality installations for a variety of water filtration systems, which includes a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse Osmosis Installations

How It Works

This type of home water filtration system uses two different types of filters and a high-pressure pump to remove harmful minerals, sediments, and other contaminants. You’ll typically find reverse osmosis water systems in cities that are located near the ocean. This type of water filter makes it possible to remove salt from seawater, which gives residents of these cities an additional water source.

This water treatment system works by pushing water through an initial filter that catches bacteria, chlorine, and other harmful minerals. Smaller solids that remain in this filtered water are then pushed through a semipermeable membrane and dissolve. This leaves you and your family with clean drinking water.

The Benefits Of A Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Opting for a reverse osmosis system means you’ll be taking an even more detailed approach to improving your home’s water quality. Beyond purifying the water in your home, here are some additional benefits you can expect from this type of system:

  1. Successfully Removing Contaminants – Since water will be flowing through a series of filters and under pressure.
  2. Energy Efficiency – A reverse osmosis filtration system operates more efficiently than filters that use thermal energy sources.
  3. Clean Water On Demand – Because reverse osmosis relies on pressure instead of thermal energy to filter your water, it cleans the water much faster than other filtration systems.
  4. Removes Harmful Minerals – Due to the lack of these harmful minerals and sediments, the water softening process can occur naturally in your filtered water supply.
  5. Will Save You Money Long Term – Filtering out minerals through a reverse osmosis system means your plumbing and kitchen appliances operate more efficiently with little to no mineral buildup. You can also spend less on bottled water since your home’s filtration system ensures your water from the faucet is clean.
  6. Results In Better-Tasting Food – Everyone has different tastes, but some homeowners relying on this system argue that food often tastes better because it’s cooked in this filtered water.

Roth’s Reverse Osmosis Installation in Portland, OR

Even though Portland and Central Oregon water goes through a rigorous filtration system, that does not mean harmful minerals and other contaminants can creep into your home’s water. By opting for a reverse osmosis system, you’ll be able to have peace of mind in knowing your water is clean, free of minerals, and ready to use or consume.

To schedule your reverse osmosis system installation in Portland or Central Oregon, please contact our plumbing team online or call us.

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