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Drain Repair

Professional Drain Repair Services

Maintaining a clean and clear plumbing system will keep your home and family healthy and safe. Drainage systems are an important part of your home’s plumbing because they collect and remove wastewater.

When this system breaks or experiences a clog, wastewater can leach into the ground near your home’s foundation and cause flooding, wood rot, and mold growth. The repairs that follow any of these issues can also do some serious damage to your wallet.

To avoid these issues in the first place, make a quick call to Roth Home to inspect, repair, and clean your drains and sewer lines. As one of the best professional drain cleaners in Portland and Central Oregon, we’ll make sure to finish each job with the best technology and tools available.

Reasons for a Clogged Drain in Portland & Central Oregon

There are several reasons why your drains clog. Some of the main causes are usually due to a buildup of

  • Hair
  • Dirt
  • Minerals
  • Food waste
  • Small objects
  • Wipes and hygiene products

Your drainage pipes can only process a limited amount of debris before they begin to break down due to pressure from a clog or erosion from harmful minerals. It’s vital for homeowners to understand that only bodily waste and minimal amounts of toilet paper should be flushed down your toilets.

Throw away everything else in the garbage, or else it can lead to a major breakdown of your drain pipes.

Rather than handle a clog with some store-bought or DIY chemicals, you should call a drain cleaning service to take care of it.

Our Sewer Line & Drain Repair Services

Declogging is a simple fix with a drain snake or hydro jetting, but sewer line repairs require more attention. Our plumbers will do a great job of efficiently repairing your lines in order to make everything flow smoothly again. Generally, cracks form in sewer pipes because of

  • Extremely high water pressure
  • Shifting soil
  • Corrosion
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Wear and tear

Broken pipes are a unique project that requires different approaches depending on its size and specifications. Since drain repairs are no easy feat, call our emergency service technicians to inspect them.

Roth Home offers professional sewer inspections and sewer repair services in Portland with the best tools and techniques for the job.

Drain Replacement Services

Of course, it may be time to replace the drain pipes entirely. Over time, drain pipes and plumbing systems fail due to their age and use, especially if you live in an older home.

Unless the previous owners addressed these concerns, you may need to replace your drain pipes if

  • You notice sewage in your backyard
  • Sinkholes form in your backyard
  • Your yard smells like sewage
  • Your drains always clog
  • Sewage backflows in your home

We make sure your sewer lines remain functional and secure to avoid these issues and more. For drain replacement services in the Portland metro area, contact Roth today.

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We’re always ready to help you with any drain repairs in Portland, OR. If you need inspection, repair, or replacement services, Roth Home is where to go. We also offer commercial repairs and drain cleaning in Portland and Central Oregon for businesses.

Contact our customer service team today at 503-673-6394 or fill out our online submission form to schedule your next appointment.

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