Commercial Drain Service In Portland, OR

Commercial Drain Service in Oregon

Drain Cleanings & Repairs

When dealing with excessive waste, commercial drains can become dirty, slow down, and eventually back up. When you call Roth for drain cleaning or repair, your comfort is our number one priority. We understand that a backed-up drain can wreak havoc on your business. We’re committed to providing excellent workmanship so you can return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

At Roth Home, we’re prepared to clear your drains quickly and efficiently so you can return to business as usual. We treat every drain problem we encounter with urgency, and we use only the most proven technology to restore your drains to working order. Contact our drain experts at 503-673-6394 to schedule service.

Commercial Drain Services

Sewer Cleaning

If all of your drains are backing up at once, you likely have a clogged sewer line. Like individual drains, sewers can become clogged with pieces of debris. Tree roots can also grow into sewer lines and damage pipes.

Commercial Drain Repair Portland

Roth Drain experts also provide grease trap cleaning and pumping for area restaurants and other local

businesses. A consistently cleaned and drained grease trap lessens the likeness of sewer build-up and overflow. Roth’s experts will make sure your grease trap is free and clear of waste materials that could enter the city’s sewer system, and ensure you are in compliance with city requirements.

Our drain experts have the expertise necessary to get to the heart of the matter without causing further damage. We’ll carefully inspect your sewer line so we can clear out the issue as quickly as possible.

Drain Clearing

As business owners, we understand how inconvenient a clogged drain can be. Not only can it cause backed-up pipes, but it can also result in flooding and water damage. At Roth, we follow a well-thought-out protocol to clear your drains and prevent future problems.

To begin, we snake your drains using a specialized cable tool called a drain auger. In many cases, snaking the drain is enough to effectively clear your pipes.

If we’re not able to clear the pipes with an auger, we’ll perform a video inspection to determine what’s causing the issue. By inserting a tiny camera into the pipe system, we can more easily determine what’s causing the blockage. A video inspection will also help us determine whether there are any issues with your pipes that are affecting your plumbing system.

Once we determine where the clog is, we may choose to use hydro jetting to clear the drain. Hydro jetting utilizes a steady stream of water, similar to a pressure washer, to push out big clogs from your pipes. Hydro jetting is the most aggressive solution for drain blockages, and we only employ this method when we’re sure your pipes are strong enough to handle it.

Whatever’s causing your drains to back up, our specialists at Roth are prepared to diagnose the issue and restore your plumbing.

Commercial Drain Repair

Although clogs are the most common problem to face your drains, cracks in your pipes can form over time due to high water pressure, corrosion, tree roots, and age. It’s important to repair cracked pipes as soon as possible to avoid water damage and the risks of unsanitary water.

If you have a crack in one of your pipes, you’ll notice leaks, pooling water, or even water damage on your walls or floor. You may also smell sewage or have issues flushing your toilet.

If your drains are in need of repair, you can count on the team at Roth for assistance!

Commercial Drain Services in Portland, OR

If you need a drain cleaning in Portland or the surrounding areas, call the experts at Roth Home. Our drain technicians are highly-trained professionals, ready to find the source of your problem and make the necessary repairs or replacement.

Need drain service in Portland or Central Oregon? Call 503-673-6394 today or contact us online to schedule your service!

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