Water Line Replacement in Portland & Central Oregon

Water Line Replacement

Installing New Water Lines Throughout the Portland & Central Oregon Areas

Your water lines have an extremely important job: carry water from your main water connection to the various faucets, taps, appliances, and fixtures that utilize it. While these lines generally don’t have any moving parts, their constant exposure to water means they’re prone to wear and tear, particularly metallic lines like copper or galvanized steel. When your lines sustain too much damage over time, they will eventually break, resulting in leaks that can cause a ton of damage to your home. If your lines have sustained too much damage or you’re tired of the stress of constantly worrying about leaks, call Roth Home today to schedule a Central Oregon or Portland water line replacement service.

Here at Roth Home, we strive to always set ourselves apart from the rest by going above and beyond your expectations. We know it takes a lot of faith to trust your home to someone else, and we want to make sure that trust is earned for today and every day going forward. All of our friendly and knowledgeable plumbing technicians are trained in modern techniques and are equipped with the latest tools for a faster, more durable, and more affordable fix. Plus every replacement we make is conducted using materials from premium manufacturers with a history and reputation for quality. Our goal is to earn your total and complete satisfaction, and we believe that our water line replacement services in Portland and Central Oregon can do just that.

Water Line Repair vs. Replacement

If you discover you have a damaged and leaking water line, you may be wondering if you should simply have your water line fixed rather than replacing it completely. A replacement is a much bigger service, often involving cutting a significant hole in your wall to access the line, cutting the damaged portion of the line out completely, and then putting a new pipe in its place. If you have a small segment of a water line that has sustained damage, or even one that has been completely blocked by limescale buildup, this may be the best option for getting your water flowing smoothly again.

We can replace water lines anywhere in your home, including:

  • Hot water lines
  • Cold water lines
  • Drinking water lines
  • Outdoor water lines
  • Utility water lines (for appliances)
  • Plumbing fixture water lines & connections

Instead of cutting the damaged line out of your wall, your plumber may opt to use a different method known as a “delete.” This essentially means “deleting” the damaged pipe from your plumbing system by capping it off and running a new line around it. When you have a long stretch that needs to be replaced, this may be the most prudent and cost-effective method of replacement. It may also be more affordable as well. However, it doesn’t remove the damaged pipe from your walls. Your plumber will go over your options with you and explain any unique circumstances regarding your replacement at the time of service.

Should I Invest In a Whole-Home Repipe?

If your plumbing is showing signs of age and you have several water lines that need to be replaced, then you may be better off choosing to completely repipe your whole home. Whole-home repipe services replace all of the water lines in your home with new, state-of-the-art materials that are more durable, less corrosion-prone, and free form much of the wear and tear that your older lines have sustained over the years. Replacing your water lines refreshes your plumbing, reduces the risk of leaks and other serious problems, and gives you new pipes that you’ll be able to rely on for decades to come.

If you need your water lines replaced, either on a small scale or as a whole-home repipe, contact Roth Home! Request a consultation with our team to get started.

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