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Water Quality & Filtration

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While Portland and Central Oregon cities all do an excellent job of filtering your home’s water, there are some particles it fails to filter out.

Investing in a water filtration system for your home can add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind when you draw water from the tap. Getting rid of harsh and harmful minerals not only protects the health of your household but it can also make your water look, feel and taste better than ever before.

At Roth Home, our team members are well-versed in the best water filtration options available to homeowners across the Pacific Northwest. Whether you know the type of system you want or need help deciding, our team will be glad to walk you through pricing and installation options for residential water filtration.

Protect Your Home With Water Filtration

The Benefits Of A Residential Water Filtration System in Portland, Oregon

In addition to the peace of mind you’ll have with your residential water filter, there are plenty of other perks you can expect from this investment:

  • Saving Money – We need healthy and clean water to survive and thrive. By applying an extra layer to the water treatment process in your home, you’ll likely see fewer plumbing issues due to mineral buildup, fewer health issues due to water-borne illnesses, and money saved since you won’t need to keep buying filters for your portable water pitchers.
  • Protecting The Environment – Using more clean water at home also means you won’t need to purchase as many bottles of water from the store. You’ll also be able to save on soap and detergents, as there won’t be a need to use as much when you’re cleaning clothes, dishes, and yourself.
  • Fewer Clogs, Leaks, and Plumbing Problems – As mentioned above, minerals and sediments can get stuck and wear down your home’s plumbing. Installing a water filtration system will help keep your plumbing clear and delay the need for any significant repairs.
  • Better Tasting Water; Eliminating Four Smells – Many local water systems carry a particular taste or odor due to what isn’t filtered out by the local government. Adding treatment system to your water supply can improve the taste and eliminate any off-putting odors.
  • Softer Water – Water with hard minerals in it is often more difficult to drink and bathe in. Adding a filtered system to your home can help resolve any water issues based on texture. Investing in a water filter also means you can also avoid the added cost of a water-softening system.

Types of Water Filters We Install

Whether you’re exploring options for a whole home water filter or looking to service your current system, the highly trained plumbers with Roth will know exactly how to help you. Here are the five types of water filtration systems we install and service:

  • Mechanical Systems
  • Absorption Systems
  • Sequestration Systems
  • Ion Exchange Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

Scheduling Your Installation With Roth

If you’re ready to invest in a home water filtration system, reach out to Roth for a quality system and installation. We’re familiar with a variety of home water purification systems, including a reverse osmosis system.

To secure your water filtration appointment, please contact our customer service team now.

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