Water Filtration in Salem, Oregon

Convenient access to clean water is essential for our health, comfort, and well-being. Salem’s water is thoroughly filtered and safe to use, but the city’s filtration process does not filter out all harsh minerals or harmful contaminants.

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your water supply, then you need to call Roth’s plumbing team and ask about our water filtration services.

Why should I invest in water filtration for my property?

Outside of the benefits of simply knowing your home or business has highly filtered water, there are plenty of benefits to investing in a filtration system. Just a few of these additional perks include

  • A Clear Plumbing System –
    • Clogs and corrosion are among the most common plumbing problems a property owner can experience. Unfiltered minerals from the city’s water supply can cause these issues and lead to an expensive repair without warning. If you’re looking to keep your plumbing system as clear as possible and make it last even longer, then investing in a water filtration system would be a great option.
  • Better Tasting Food & Water –
    • Water is an essential part of a daily diet and meal preparation. With your new filtration system, you might notice a difference or enhancement in taste that makes your meals more enjoyable!
  • Bathing Is More Enjoyable –
    • Minerals can be hard on your hair and skin. Without filtered water, you might notice your skin drying out faster than usual or feeling rough to the touch.
    • On the other hand, filtered water can help your skin feel more hydrated after a shower or bath, which leads to a better bathing experience. Before you invest in a separate water softening system, consider a whole-home water filtration system first. If your new water filter provides softer bathing and drinking water, then you’ll save money by not having to invest in another system.
  • Long-Term Health Benefits –
    • There are plenty of health benefits to consuming more clean water over time. From aiding in digestion to a reduced risk of cancer, the removal of harmful minerals and contaminants from your tap water can drastically help or improve your health long term.

Prioritizing You During Our Water Filtration Services

Roth Home have been serving the citizens of Salem since 1976. One of the key elements of Roth that customers love is that we prioritize the comfort surrounding each of our services.

From the moment we set up your appointment to well beyond the time we leave, our team wants to make sure that you’re more than satisfied with the product and service we’ve provided.

We operate efficiently on your time but will make the most of that time installing, repairing, or maintaining your water filtration system in addition to answering any questions you have. Roth’s White Glove Difference ensures you’re 100% satisfied with the excellent service and products you receive.

Everyone deserves access to a safe and high-quality water supply. Let our professionals help you choose the best filtration system for your home or business.

Contact Salem, Oregon’s Water Filtration Installation Team – Roth

The City of Salem’s water treatment system provides good water quality with sand, algae, and ozone filtration before it reaches your property. Unfortunately, several harsh or harmful minerals can still enter this supply. To enhance the protection of your property’s plumbing and drinking water, you need to invest in a whole-home filtration system.

Whether you’re seeking a water filtration installation for the first time or are looking for a company to maintain your current system, Roth is always ready to get the job done. Schedule your water filtration appointment with our plumbing company in Salem today.

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