Quality Furnace Repair In Salem, Oregon

A broken furnace in a freezing cold house is one of the last things a homeowner wants to wake up to. A fully functioning heating system is essential to get through those below-freezing temperatures during the cold winter months. When you need to get your furnace back up and running immediately, our experts at Roth Home will be there to help you with a full range of emergency repair services. We will get your home warm and comfortable once again.

Warning Signs Your Furnace May Need Repaired

Knowing what to look for can save you money, time and headaches when it comes to furnace repair. If you notice any of the following warning signs, give the experts at Roth a call for our repair services in Salem.

  • WARNING: Yellow Pilot Light

    We are listing this one first because it could be the most life-threatening. Your pilot light should be a bright blue color. If it is yellow, there is a good chance your furnace has a carbon monoxide leak and you should remove your family and pets from the home immediately and then call one of our experienced technicians to assess the situation.

  • Furnace Won’t Turn On

    If your furnace won’t turn on, here are a few troubleshooting checks to try before calling your trusted HVAC professionals.

    1. Make sure the thermostat is on and set to heat.
    2. Check that the furnace fan works.
    3. Check the gas supply by testing other gas using appliances in your home.
    4. Make sure your pilot light is still lit if you have one.


    If your furnace still won’t turn on after troubleshooting, give us a call.

  • Takes Longer To Heat Your Home Up

    If your furnace is taking longer than normal to heat your entire home, chances are there is an underlying issue that needs to be diagnosed. An inefficiently operating furnace works double time to keep up with heating your home which can lead to wear and tear on your system and an increase in your utility bills.

  • Furnace Cycles Frequently

    If your furnace continuously cycles or turns back on not long after it turns off, there is a malfunctioning component that needs to be addressed.

  • Unusual Noises

    Banging, squeaking, popping, whistling, or any other strange sound is an indicator that something could be loose in your furnace and needs immediate attention.

  • Increased Energy Bills

    If your furnace isn’t running as well as it should be, it could be using up more energy than normal to keep your home comfortable, causing a spike in your energy bill. If you notice any unexplained increases in your utility bill, it may be time to have someone take a look at your furnace.

  • Dust Buildup Around Vents

    Excessive dust buildup around your vents is a sign that your air filters are long past due for a replacement.

  • You Can’t Remember Your Last Service

    If you can’t remember the last time you scheduled yearly service for your electric or gas furnace, it is a good idea to give us a call to do a thorough inspection of your furnace to make sure everything is in good working condition before the temperatures drop.

All of these signs can apply to the possibility of needing a complete furnace replacement as well. Give us a call and we will send one of our skilled heating technicians out to inspect your HVAC system to determine if you need a furnace repair or furnace replacement.

Heating Repairs & Furnace Replacements in Salem, OR

Roth Home has been providing the homeowners of Salem and the surrounding areas with quality, affordable furnace services since 1976. Our skilled heating and cooling experts are NATE-certified and dedicated to delivering the best HVAC services with our top-notch customer service to every home. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our furnace specialists today.

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